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IHI Corporation, based in Tokyo Japan, is a heavy industrial manufacturing and services company. IHI is active in a number of industries including aerospace, ship building, power generation, automotive, and transportation infrastructure.

IHI was founded in the mid-1800s and has a history of developing new industrial technologies and managing projects throughout the world. IHI is committed to supporting projects and investments.

IHI has a presence in over 20 countries and has plans for additional development in support of global economic expansion.

IHI Power Generation Corp.

In August 2012, IHI purchased Exelon Corporation’s ownership interest in 5 California power plants. These plants represent the first investment in renewable energy in the U.S. for IHI and are an important step in supporting the overall corporate strategy of investments in renewable energy in the Americas.

IHI Power Services Corp.

IHI Power Services Corp. (IPSC) was specifically formed to provide operations, maintenance, management, and power plant support services to the US power generation industry. The IPSC team of energy professionals delivers “Value Added” service though years of hands-on experience in the power generation industry. By using proven programs, industry “Best Practices” and our core “Beliefs and Values”, IPSC provides world-class service to each facility and project we manage.

Our Mission

IHI Power Services Corp. will be the preferred provider of highly responsive, results-focused services to the power generation industry. IPSC accomplishes this through empowering our talented, highly motivated teams who reflect our commitment to health and safety, environmental stewardship and operational excellence.

As an Owner-Operator, IPSC understands that minimizing operational risks and maximizing asset value while maintaining a safe work environment that is environmentally compliant is key to the success of every facility. IPSC has a positive track record using these skills in our current operations at all of IPSC's facilities.

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Health & Safety

At IHI Power Services Corp. our top priority is the health and safety of our employees, customers and others who work at our sites. We recognize that a safe workplace is the foundation for delivering exceptional business results in a process environment that presents inherent occupational risks.
We believe that all accidents are preventable and we foster a culture where employees are empowered to analyze risks and take all appropriate measures to mitigate unsafe conditions. With safety at the core of our business we continue to push for improvement in our safety performance though operational excellence, behavior based safety observations, job safety analysis, health and safety training and site safety audits.At IHI Power Services Corp., we are equally committed to the health of our employees at work and at home. We continuously monitor risk at our plants. We emphasize employee wellness though on-site exercise programs and wellness screenings. Our wellness programs not only extend to our employees, but also their families.

Within IHI Power Service Corp., we are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, consultants, and customers. Operating safely, with constant focus on accident prevention and occupation health processes is the only way we manage our business. Every employee is expected to be committed to their safety and the safety of their coworkers. This total commitment is a key component of our health and safety culture that is embraced by leadership and is part of our personal accountability by all employees.

Environmental Stewardship

Next to health and safety, IHI Power Services Corp.'s top priority is environmental stewardship. Environmentally compliant plants is one of our fundamental corporate values for obtaining and maintaining exceptional business results in an ever changing regulatory arena. We are challenged daily to minimize our environmental footprint, reduce impacts to the surrounding environment, and save resources. We are committed to continuous improvement of our environmental management practices and environmental performance, while creating value for our customers.
We believe that all non-compliance events are preventable and we foster a culture where employees are empowered to analyze environmental risks and take appropriate measures to mitigate those risks. Additionally, we closely interact with the agencies and regulators to ensure compliance with all existing and proposed rules and regulations, in conjunction with optimizing and allowing operational flexibility at each of our power plants.

At IHI Power Services Corp., we have established an Environmental Management System (EMS). The EMS goes beyond typical compliance activities, it actually elevates our standards to the higher “environmental stewardship” status. The EMS consists of multiple elements including but not limited to: environmental metrics, business planning, training, recordkeeping, assessments, controls, emergency preparedness, and compliance assurance. We strongly believe this complete and thorough environmental program is our pathway to environmental excellence.

Total commitment is a key component of our environmental stewardship culture that is embraced by leadership, and is part of our personal accountability expected of all employees.

Our Culture

To assertively minimize risk and maximize value at IHI Power Services Corp., we have developed a unique philosophy and culture. This culture is based on specific fundamental beliefs and values that are engrained in all aspects of our business. Our beliefs and values go beyond the workplace as they are part of our lifestyle.
IHI Power Services Corp’s (IPSC’s) Guiding Principles System is founded in working together as a Team. No one person can monitor and control the complete operation of a plant. As a result, we must share our knowledge, skill and experience in tandem to completely understand and productively respond to the challenges of running our plants.
This system establishes a guide for leaders to empower and create opportunities for our Team Members to apply their knowledge and creativity on the job. Every IPSC Team Member is empowered to work in a manner that drives not only our individual success, but IPSC’s success, as well as the success of our Owners.
The Guiding Principles System benefits everyone, from the technician to the plant managers, to stay focused on our business and create an environment where all Team Members are working for a shared goal and optimal results.

More information about our Diversity, Respect and Inclusion Council

More information about the Guiding Principles System

Company Beliefs

  • Safety and Health
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Test for Aptitude and Hire for Attitude
  • Employee Growth and Development
  • Customer Success
  • Guiding Principles System - defined below

Company Values "Guiding Principles"

  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Growth
  • Limitless
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IPSC’s all new state-of-the-art NERC CIP Medium compliant Remote Operating Center (ROC), headquartered in Aliso Viejo, Calif., provides operations and maintenance (O&M) services to power generation companies across the United States.
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IPSC provides O&M Services, Technical Support, Asset Management, and Environmental, Health & Safety Programs. Our team consists of over 700 employees that provide and deliver a diverse set of power industry services from operations to personnel effectiveness.
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IPSC is intimately familiar with the complexities and challenges associated with power plant operations, tax equity and lender needs, as well as energy trading. Our experience in working across multiple asset classes, and all phases of development including construction, commercial operations, and decommissioning provides us with an unparalleled understanding of community relationships and a deep understanding of the need to be good neighbors in every community we operate in.
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