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IHI Power Services Corp. Awarded Sustainable Aviation Fuel Project by Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels

IPSC Secures Development, Asset Management and O&M Services Contract for Renewable Bio-Jet Fuel Production Facility

ALISO VIEJO, CA (July 27, 2023) - --(BUSINESS WIRE)-- IHI Power Services Corp. (IPSC), a leading owner and operator of power plants across the U.S., has been selected by renewable bio-jet fuel refineries developer, Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels, LLC (NWABF) to provide pre-mobilization, mobilization, start-up and commissioning services—and eventually asset management and plant operations and maintenance (O&M)—for NWABF’s development of a 2nd generation cellulosic renewable bio-jet fuel production facility in the Pacific Northwest.

Located in the Columbia River Corridor, this advanced facility will produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) using woody biomass as the primary feedstock source. As a company with experience in biomass fuels and a focus on advancing the use of SAF across the energy industry, IPSC was a top candidate to take on the development, asset management services and ongoing operational needs of NWABF’s new facility. It was ultimately selected for its highly experienced team of experts and a broad range of advanced service experience and offerings.

“When we began to seek out a partner to work alongside our team on the first-ever SAF facility in the Pacific Northwest region—NWABF knew it needed a firm with ample experience in the biomass sector that could support early development while also being able to provide feedstock preparation and materials handling systems, asset management and ongoing O&M services after completion,” said Nausher Khan, Vice President and Director of Project Development at Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels. “IPSC fit that description perfectly with the NWABF Tier 1, industry leading Project Partners Team — making it the ideal power generation owner and operator to help us execute the project from start to finish.”

IPSC brings vast experience serving organic matter-based biodiesel, sustainable aviation fuel, ethanol and renewable natural gas power generation facilities. Additionally, the company provides an array of pre- and post-development services that will be vital throughout the duration of the NWABF SAF project.

“The advancement of SAF has quickly become crucial to the power generation industry’s pivot to renewable and clean energy resources,” said John R. Keller, President and CEO of IPSC. “IPSC is proud to have been selected to support Northwest Advanced Bio-Fuels on the development and ongoing asset management and operational needs of its upcoming bio-jet fuel production facility and I am confident that our team will deliver optimal outcomes throughout every step of this project.”

IPSC has a deep understanding of O&M and asset management—with power generation projects throughout the country—and a dedicated team of seasoned professionals skilled in combustion turbines, reciprocating engines, steam turbines, boilers, and renewable energy assets in both regulated and deregulated energy markets. As an owner-operator with a reputation for providing world-class services to every facility and project that it manages, IPSC is committed to reducing operational risks and maximizing value while upholding regulatory and environmental compliance.

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