Lauren Hambrook

Director of Compliance, NERC/Environmental

Lauren Hambrook has over thirty years of environmental experience in all aspects of environmental reporting and program management. Lauren has worked in the power industry for almost twenty years. Prior to joining IPSC, Lauren worked as a Senior Environmental Specialist. At that role, she assisted plants in improving environmental performance through permit compliance demonstration efforts, process development, training and education, negotiations with regulators, and collaboration with communities. Her first position in the power industry was as the Environmental Manager at a Midwest utility withfour co-located coal boilers (1000 MW aggregate). Lauren has ten years of experience as a state agency regulator working in the following areas: stormwater management, industrial wastewater permitting, air permitting, air compliance and management, rule development, stepped enforcement and public education and outreach.

Lauren lives in Milwaukee with her husband Keith. Together they enjoy visiting car shows around the country in search of a prewar car to purchase and restore.

Education: Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Wisconsin