Dave Blevins

Senior Director of Operations

Dave has thirty five years of "hands-on" power engineering experience and responsibility. He has operated and maintained Pressurized Water Reactors for the US Navy, Concentrated Solar/Fossil fuel facilities in the Mojave Dessert, and state of the art Combined Cycle plants in several states.

Dave was instrumental in the commissioning of a 2X1 Siemens V 84.3A combined cycle facility in California as well as a 3X1 GE 7FA .03 cogeneration facility in Pennsylvania.

Dave has held roles of O&M Manager and Plant Manager at a Siemens V84.2 Cogen facility that included a GE 7E peaker unit as well as Plant Manager at a GE 7FA .04 combined cycle facility.

He has extensive additional diverse experience in Environmental Compliance, Quality Assurance, Production Assurance, mechanical maintenance, power plant water treatment equipment and water chemistry control procedures.