Environmental, Health & Safety Programs

IPSC provides a range of EH&S services to help our clients comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws, regulatory compliance, due diligence, industrial hygiene, loss control, and permitting requirements. IPSC also has staff members that are skilled in EH&S program development and implementation, as well as the important areas of permitting including:

MACT compliance

IPSC continuously monitors safety and environmental regulatory and legal issues so the plant staff remains current with emerging or changing requirements. The safety team at IPSC can inspect a plant and develop a customized, site-specific safety manual that contains all the necessary information for the plant staff to perform their duties in a safe and efficient manner. In addition to safety manual development, IPSC offers EH&S Training (10 and 30 Hour OSHA courses).

Comprehensive Compliance Training and Assessment

IPSC's programs guide plant personnel through complex environmental and regulatory issues to ensure compliance by performing the necessary plant monitoring and preparing the necessary reports. . The IPSC team also has significant experience obtaining the necessary environmental permits from local, state, and federal authorities required for a plant project or modification.

Utility MACT and Boiler MACT Compliance

Boiler MACT and Utility MACT Compliance are key regulatory goals for many power plants. Commercial and industrial boiler power plants that are major Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) Sources need to implement programs to meet Boiler MACT Compliance. IPSC can assist such facilities in identifying methods and/or technologies to achieve Boiler MACT Compliance prior to the fast approaching January 2016 compliance date. Also, IPSC can evaluate a facility's Utility MACT Program to identify potential gaps in compliance.

Summary of Environmental Services

Corporate Programs Plant Compliance
  • Environmental Initiatives / Policies
  • Environmental Strategies
    • Proposed Rule – Regulation Comments
  • Corporate Reporting Performance Data
  • EMS Implementation
    • Compliance Assurance / Nonconformance
    • Audits / Assessments / Corrective Actions
    • Annual Reviews and Plans / Business Planning
    • Training / Stewardship / Pollution Prevention / Contractor Control
    • Records / Metrics
    • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Permitting Renewals / Modifications
  • Compliance / Reporting
  • Emergent Compliant Issues
  • Rule - Regulation Applicability / Data Requests
  • Agency Interface / Negotiations / Site Visits
Various Functions
  • Due Diligence / Transitions / Divestitures / Acquisations
  • Special Projects
  • Presentations / Meetings