Biomass Fuel Management Services

The key to operating a reliable and successful biomass power plant begins with fuel.  IPSC recognizes and has seen the value in having Plant Operations and Fuel Management work closely together in developing and maintain fuel at a high quality level.

IPSC’s Fuel Management Services provides a wide range of experience and expertise to ensure that a plant’s performance and reliability are maximized.  The true cost of fuel goes beyond the price paid to fuel suppliers.  Fuel Management Services include strategic planning, fuel legitimacy, fuel procurement, handling, testing (visual and laboratory), and storage of biomass fuel.   IPSC plants have seen improvements in operational run time and higher annual generation totals through rigorous and focused fuel management.

Total fuel cost savings are not usually seen in a reduction of the cost of fuel per ton.  The savings are recognized in the total tons required to produce the same generation output, improved plant performance, decreased maintenance costs, higher availability and generation.   Fuel suppliers receive incentives for the quality and heating value of the fuel delivered, not just a cost per bone dry ton. 

The primary objectives of IPSC’s Fuel Management Services are:

  • Engage public agencies in support of long term viability of biomass power
  • Utilize current market data to optimize wood fuel purchases, transportation, and delivery cost:
  • Cost-effectively purchase fuel that meets or exceeds IPSC fuel quality plan. 
  • Incorporate IPSC Fuel Legitimacy plan in the daily plant operations.
  • Cost- effectively purchase sufficient supply from within the fuel supply area to meet plants production targets
  • Identify and build on each plant’s individual strengths in the market
  • Manage the storage of fuel to minimize fuel degradation and environmental impact.