Asset Management

IPSC offers comprehensive asset management and project development support services to project developers, EPCs, strategic and institutional investors for acquiring an existing power plant or developing a new power plant project. Some of our services include:


Design and Operability Reviews

Our background with gas, coal, biomass, hydro and geothermal generation provides a broad range of services to the client. IPSC offers a comprehensive review of plant design from an operator's and an owner's perspective to identify areas which may not fully support safe, reliable or economic operations. Using our team's vast experience and knowledge of power generating equipment, we have provided valuable input during the design phase, the construction phase and the commissioning of projects and recommended design changes which greatly improved the operability and maintainability of specific plant systems, equipment and processes. We have also utilized similar reviews for existing facilities. Changes and recommendations IPSC made have resulted in proven benefits to safety, reliability and return on investment.

Asset Due Diligence

IPSC offers due diligence services that investigate historical and future performance of generation assets across various fuels and equipment types. We provide a review of many segments of plant operation including Chemistry, CMMS, Environmental, Fuels, Human Resources, O&M, NERC, Safety, Security, Supply Chain and Training. Our due diligence projects often include a site visit and a review and analysis of the plant O&M organization, O&M manuals, programs, budgets and operational reports.

The due diligence audits performed by the IPSC team have provided valuable feedback from an operator's perspective on the strengths and weakness of the subject asset. We uncover the hidden operation and maintenance challenges that would directly affect the success of the asset and provide recommendations to overcome those challenges.

Acquisition & Divestiture Support

IPSC provides acquisition and divestiture support services to project developers and institutional and strategic investors in the power industry. IPSC combines it technical, commercial, regulatory and market knowledge to provide a range of consultative services in acquiring and managing a power asset on a long-term basis. Some of these specialized services that we offer to our customers include analysis of:

  • Plant Operating Performance
  • Plant Cost Structure & Benchmarking
  • Technical Asset Due Diligence
  • Environmental Permitting Assessment
  • Regulatory Strategy & Risk Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Asset Valuation
  • Bid Preparation Support

Distressed Asset Turnaround

Using a variety of tools and models, the IPSC team can review an operating facility's past performance or projected performance and develop a comprehensive report which the customer can use to improve the economics of the facility.

We undertake this by optimizing plant operations and recommending appropriate fuel, operational, maintenance changes and capital projects.