Our Heritage

IHI, the parent company of IHI Power Services Corp., is a global heavy industrial manufacturing and services company. IHI was founded in the mid-1800s and has a history of developing new industrial technologies and managing projects. IHI has a presence in over 20 countries with aggressive expansion plans into many additional countries in the near future. IHI has an active presence in all the major infrastructure development industries, including power generation, aerospace, ship building, automotive, and transportation.

When IHI decided to expand into the energy services and O&M market, several California power plants were identified that were a good fit for its global growth strategy for the power industry. In August of 2012, IHI acquired five plants from Exelon's generating portfolio that were previously acquired as part of a merger with Constellation Energy in March 2012. IHI also retained the highly experienced power plant operations and maintenance team that had previously been the Constellation West Region team that managed all of Constellation's generation assets west of the Mississippi. Constellation West Region managed 700MW with earnings of approximately $100 million per year, with over 200 employees.

Project Spotlight: Grand Prairie

The Grand Prairie Project is one case that demonstrates IPSC's commitment, versatility, and experience in solving any type of O&M challenge. In 2007 we took a canola field in Northern Alberta and in 6 months we broke ground, located a 7EA turbine owned by Kinder Morgan through Navasoda, took it out of a field in Colorado, moved it to Canada, constructed and started it on time, on schedule, under budget in 6 months. The entire Grand Prairie project was planned and executed by IPSC's current management team.

A Wealth of Experience with Many Generation Types

Plant Information Fuel
High Desert 830 MW Combined Cycle Siemens 501FD2 Natural Gas
South Bay Power Plant 702 MW Natural Gas fired Steam Plant Natural Gas
Colorado Bend 550 MW Combined 7EA Natural Gas
Quail Run 550 MW 7EA Natural Gas
Sutter Energy Center 540 MW Combined Cycle Siemens 501FD2 Natural Gas
West Valley 200 MW Peaker GE LM6000 Natural Gas
Segs IV, V & VI 111.5 MW Thermal Solar Solar
Ace Trona 108 MW Coal CFB Coal
Grande Prairie 80 MW 7EA Natural Gas
Sunnyside 51 MW Coal CFB Coal
Greenleaf One 49.2 MW Combined Cycle GE LM6000 PC Natural Gas
Greenleaf Two 49.2 MW STIG Cycle GE LM5000 Natural Gas
Malacha 32.5 MW Hydro Hydro
Mammoth G1, G2 & G3 32 MW Binary Geothermal Geothermal
Corona Power Station 30 MW Combined Cycle GE LM2500PE Natural Gas
Shasta Renewable 7 MW Fixed Grate Stoker Biomass

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